The Company

The Alan Lee Collection was founded in 1994 by Alan Lee. ALC has developed many pioneering and eclectic designs over the years and has become synonymous with groundbreaking, handmade and functional designer accessories for the home. Alan's use of traditional methods mixed with modern design bestows a timeless elegance and original aesthetic in every piece. His design philosophy is to take everyday household items and turn them from mundane...to WOW! Each item is designed in New York City to be displayed by itself, as a conversation piece or with items from the entire collection.

To ensure the highest quality, an artisan team of jewel setters assemble and meticulously apply all embellishments to each piece by hand in the United States.

The original Alan Lee Collection can be found in galleries, museums and upmarket shops across North America and abroad. The Ritz Carlton, The Bellagio Las Vegas, The Wynn Hotel and Casino Las Vegas are some of the notable establishments that carry our products. 

The Designer

In the early 1970’s Alan Lee and his family fled Vietnam because of the war. After enduring a life threatening trip and miserable conditions of a refugee camp, they eventually found their way to the United States.

At age 5, Alan was placed in public school where he encountered western culture in the form of English, Lego’s and Suzy Bake Ovens. In his teen years, he discovered his distaste for regimented education and his penchant for local pool halls and spiked hair.

His creative impulses eventually led him to The Fashion Institute of Technology, where he studied jewelry design. After graduating, he applied his skills to the world of jewelry design by working for other people. 

The Alan Lee Collection was established in 1994, which allowed Alan to showcase thousands of his own designs over the years. These designs ranged from the whimsical to exquisitely elegant. In, 2001 Alan began to use crystal elements to embellish functional housewares; marrying his previous jewelry influences with home decor. Alan fashioned houseware designs with bling before the word even became popularized. Alan's many styles over the years have often been replicated, but never duplicated.

Today, Alan continues to be a trendsetter, creating groundbreaking designs from his atelier in New York City.